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Make Digital Mondrian Art in Google Sheets

Make Digital Mondrian art using Google Sheets with this Math + Art + Tech activity perfect for upper elementary students!

Mondrian art is a modern abstract style that combined squares and rectangles using only primary colors separated by black lines.

Who is Piet Mondrian?

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist who co-founded a movement called De Stijil or “The Style” following World War I. De Stijil is a geometrical abstract style also known as neo-plasticism.

A picture of a Mondrian art math + art activity.

Before his art in cubism, Mondrian studied and explored a range of different art styles. Ultimately, he moved to creating artwork that was divided into rectangles of different sizes with each painted a uniform color. He often worked with yellow, blue, red, or black colors.

Digital Mondrian Art Vocabulary

There are great vocabulary words to discuss during this activity. A composition is the way the parts of artwork are arranged by an artist. Primary colors are fundamental colors from which all other colors can be made by mixing.

Geometric art refers to using shapes with straight lines, circles, or squares to create art. Asymmetric means that the artwork is not the same on both sides. Cubism is an art style that uses fragmented forms and space that mixes the subject and background together.

Mondrian Art Supplies

  • Google Sheet Digital Mondrian Art link (grab this at the end of this post)
  • Mondrian Math worksheet (find below!)
  • Printer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Using Google Sheets to Create Digital Mondrian Art

We work with pixel pictures a lot and created a blank sheet for designing pixel pictures with conditional formatting. This activity uses conditional formatting to change the pixels into primary colors by typing the first letter of each color (or BL for black).

Creating Borders

Mondrian art typically has thick black borders between all of the rectangles. The Digital Mondrian Art sheet is set up to retain borders when you merge the cells to create rectangles. However, if you remove a merge to start over, you’ll need to add borders back to the blocks.

A picture of Mondrian Art digital drawing activity with thick borders.

Make Rectangles

To make rectangles, you’ll use the Merge tool. Select the squares of your rectangle and then click Merge. The border should remain unless you decide to change the blocks. If you decide to undo the “Merge”, you’ll need to add borders again to those blocks.

A picture of blank Mondrian art using google sheets.

Color the Cells

The Google Sheets Mondrian Art activity contains conditional formatting that makes it easy to color your rectangles.

To color your rectangles, use the first letter of the color you’d like to use. You’ll also find a key at the top if you need more information. The only color that uses two letters to use is black. The color a rectangle black, type the letters “BL”.

A picture of Mondrian digital art made with Google Sheets.

Share Your Mondrian Art

You can share your Google Sheet by clicking the “Share” button and entering the email of the people you’d like to share the Sheet with or you can also grab the “Get Shareable Link” option to get a link that you can send via email.

Print Your Mondrian Art

We printed our art in order to complete the Mondrian Math worksheet, so we could write on our Mondrian art while we worked. This isn’t necessary, but it is easier to work with when it is printed.

Mondrian Math – Finding Area and Fractions

Take your printed Mondrian digital art and use the paper to write the area of each rectangle.

A picture of a printed sheet with Mondrian art and area of rectangles written in pencil.

We used a ruler to make it easier to count the squares for the length and width of each rectangle. Then, we multiplied length x width to find the area for each rectangle and wrote the area inside the rectangle.

Make Digital Mondrian art using Google Sheets with this Math + Art + Tech activity perfect for upper elementary students!

Find the area for every rectangle and then grab your Mondrian Math worksheet to answer the questions!

A picture of Mondrian math worksheet with digital Mondrian art.

The total area of the artwork is 33 x 23 = 759 blocks. This will not change for anyone’s artwork although the area and fraction for every color WILL be different because it is based on the unique Mondrian art created.

A Mondrian art math worksheet to find area and fraction of Mondrian artwork.
A picture of mondrian art digital activity on a mondrian math worksheet with ruler.

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