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Free Shark Worksheets for Kids for Shark Week Fun!

Grab these free shark worksheets for kids that are perfect for Shark Week!  

These worksheets include a few different exercises for kids of different learning levels. If you’d like to download each activity separately, I’ve listed the individual pages below!

You can also grab all of the worksheets by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

A picture of shark preschool worksheets.

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All of these pages would work great with dry erase pocket folders that would allow you to reuse the sheets again and again.

Favorite Worksheet Supplies

Check out our most used worksheet supplies and grab them today!

Free Shark Worksheets for Kids – Shark I-Spy

My kiddos love I-Spy books! We made this Shark I-Spy for them to enjoy during Shark Week and added a twist to help my preschooler with her counting skills.

The point of the page is to count the same sharks above the black line and then write how many they find next to the same item under the black line.

This is a great activity to do with your toddler or preschooler to work on counting. You might also like our Fruit I-Spy printable!

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Free Shark Worksheets for Kids – Shark Number Recognition

We love using bingo marker (daubers) in our house. This is a great worksheet to use for working on number recognition from 1-20.

Stick this sheet in a reusable sleeve and use some dry erase markers and you can reuse it over and over again. You can also use stickers to cover up the numbers as you work through the worksheet.

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Free Shark Worksheets for Kids – Shark Letter Recognition

Just like the number recognition worksheet, this Shark Letter Recognition page is great in a reusable sleeve and can be played again and again to practice letter recognition.

Free Shark Worksheets for Kids – Less Than, Greater Than Shark Math!

This worksheet is designed to introduce the concept of less than or greater than.

When I do this sheet, I have my kids write the number of sharks under each side to help solidify the concept with both numerals and visual objects.


free preschool shark worksheets

Free Preschool Worksheets for Kids

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