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Circus Count and Trace Numbers 1-10 with Ten Frames

This activity includes 10 Circus Count and Trace number practice pages for numbers 1-10 and is ideal for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten!

Pair this activity with ten frames to build a great number sense activity!

Check out the pages below and grab the full download at the end of the post! You’ll also find a copy of ten frames to download and print as well.

circus count and trace header

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I’ve included short questions and rhymes in each section that highlight some of the things that I talk about with my preschoolers, ages 3 and 4!

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One Ringmaster: Count and Trace Number 1

Use this worksheet to count and trace the number of ringmasters you see! Discuss the letters that are in the word “one” and then trace it!

“One ringmaster – O, N, E. That’s one ringmaster that you see! Can you count and trace with me?”

count and trace number 1 ringmaster

Two Elephants: Circus Count and Trace Number 2

Count and trace the number of elephants shown and then take the time to discuss what letters make up the number 2 below!

Don’t forget to pair this activity with ten frames! You can find a free set of ten frames at the end of this post!

count and trace circus two elephants

Three Lions: Circus Count and Trace Number 3

How many lions do you see? Count with me: 1, 2, 3! Now, let’s write “T, H, R, E, E!”

circus count and trace three lions

Four Acrobats: Count and Trace Number 4

Count and trace the number four! Place four balls onto your ten frame. How many empty squares do you see?

four acrobats count and trace number 4 worksheets

Five Cotton Candy Treats: Circus Count and Trace Number 5

Five cotton candy treats! Yummy! F, I, V, E!

count number 5 worksheet

Six Monkeys: Count and Trace Number 6

How many monkeys do you see balancing? Count and trace and then use your ten frames to discuss how 6 + 4 = 10!

six monkeys count and trace

Seven Cannons: Circus Count and Trace Number 7

What can you add to seven to make 10? Use your ten frames for some fun circus themed addition!

seven count and trace circus

Eight Balls: Circus Count and Trace Number 8

eight circus counting and tracing worksheet

Nine Clowns: Circus Count and Trace Number 9

count and trace number 9 clowns worksheet

Ten Tickets: Circus Count and Trace Number 10

What do you notice about the number 10 on your ten frames? If you remove one, what number do you have?

circus themed count and trace number 10 worksheet

Pair these count and trace worksheets with ten frames!

This activity is perfect to pair with ten frames. You can take small objects (or mini erasers!) from around the house or even draw the items in each square to support learning!

Ten frames are 5 x 2 squares that represent the number 10 visually. Ten frames help children to gain a strong sense of numbers by working hands on to compose (build) or decompose (take apart) numbers!

Take this activity further and talk about different number pairs that make 10. For example, the number pairs 8 + 2, 6 + 4, and 7 + 3 all equal ten! What other number pairs make ten?

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