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Spring Logic Word Puzzle Spatial Reasoning Activity

Work on logical reasoning with this Spring logic word puzzle for kids that encourages computational thinking skills & spatial awareness!

This Spring logic word puzzle activity is a way for kids to use logical thinking and pattern matching paired with spatial recognition and spelling. 

Logic puzzles are a great activity to strengthen logical reasoning skills, boolean, and comparison skills while working with a series of selection statements.

Spring Logic Word Puzzle

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Computational Thinking Concepts

Computational thinking is a new way of problem-solving that involves thinking about a problem in a way that can be solved by using computing tools like logic, decomposition, abstractions, algorithms, patterns, data collection and analysis, and simulation or modeling.

Computational thinking can be used to solve problems in almost all areas of our lives and helps kids develop some pretty great life skills that can apply to a variety of situations.

A computational thinker approaches problems by:

  • Experimenting and playing to solve a problem that might have more than one possible solution
  • Working together with others to reach a common goal
  • Persevering when faced with a difficult problem
  • Finding and fixing errors in complex problems
  • Designing and making solutions for open-ended problems
  • Understanding their own strengths and weaknesses

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the ability to analyze and make predictions about things or explaining why something is the way that it is.

Logic puzzles are a great way to use to emphasize the concept of logical reasoning by explaining why a word cannot fit in a certain space.

Due to the number of letters in each word, kids can speak to why each word goes in each space, which helps them to solve the puzzle.

A picture of a spring logic word puzzle for kids.

How to Solve the Spring Logic Word Puzzle

The best way to begin is to use look for a word length that only has one word. Why? If there is only one word of any length left, it’s the only possible answer for the space.

Once you know some letters in the grid, then you can count how many letters long each space is (how many blocks) and compare it to the words remaining using the letters filled in from the previous word. 

Go slowly and think through your puzzle. Use a pencil! Some of the clues will not be helpful right away. Keep working through the list of words and go back.

For a hands-on twist, use Bananagrams or Scrabble to build your words with letter tiles!

We like to use dry erase pocket sleeves for all of our worksheets so that we can reuse them for all of these kiddos I have running around this house.

Don’t forget the space between words!

Computer Programmers treat a space between words as a character, which means words like “rain boots” are treated like 10 boxes instead of 9 boxes.

If you like this Spring logic word puzzle, then you should visit our logic word puzzle hub to find more great logical thinking puzzles! 


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Logic Word Puzzles

Did you enjoy this logic word puzzle? We have a ton of logic word puzzles for kids to work on vocabulary and logical reasoning skills!

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