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Star Wars Geekery

We got to see the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening night! Our geeky adventure has a backstory however…

Dear reader, believe me when I say that I used to be cool. I promise. However, like most dads, I have begun the slow decline into the realms of the uncool; the great daddy decline, the paternal precipitation, if you will, into the gaping abyss of dorkiness and dad-body. And… It. Is. Awesome!


You see, as a father of three beautiful girls, this metamorphosis is a primitive biological deterrent, a special ability to embarrass my offspring, which will hopefully blossom into a full-blown boy-repellent by the time they are teenagers. Meanwhile, I am carefully honing my craft.


For example, this week was the opening of the long-awaited, much-anticipated movie,  Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I had the opportunity to practice my geekery.


Travis frantically sewing Jedi robe

Now, I had convinced a long-time friend months ago to join me at the premier in full cosplay grandeur. The problem was, although I had a sweet Jedi costume that I crafted years ago, he was without the muted-toned monk’s robes. So, he forked over a wad of cash for materials and I hopped on the ol’ sewing machine… like a real man!


Travis ironing Jedi robe

I spent days sewing in a frantic fervor like the townsfolk from The Three Amigos. I had to relearn many manly things like the serging stitch and the blind-hem stitch. Oh my. I can feel the rush of testosterone just talking about it. Finally, after painstaking precision and pricked fingers, I was finished.


On the day of the Star Wars premier, I felt like a ten-year-old again; I was going to have a buddy come over, we were going to play dress up and then we were going to watch a sci-fi movie. The anticipation built, we got ready and we headed off.


As we approached the majestic theater, robes billowing in the blustery December cold, I caught a glimpse of our Jedi reflections in the row of glimmering theater doors. Pure awesome!


Travis & Pete Jedi force

We kicked open the glass doors and entered in full force (pun intended). A vast line of hundreds of movie-goers turned, in unison, to gaze upon our glorious visage. And then, much to my dismay, I realized that everyone was wearing normal everyday clothes. I had expected to be greeted by a multitude of jedis and princesses, and maybe even a wookie or two. Not. A. One.

Travis & Toni with Jedi Baby Liam


I nearly fled. However, I remembered my training. I was supposed to be geeky. That was the point. So, I put on a confident smile and strode proudly to the concession stand. As I did so, I noticed the expressions, which had been mocking a moment earlier, change to admiration and then some even to regret. Had they forgotten to wear their Star Wars costumes? Had they been dissuaded by a friend? Or, had they just plain chickened out?


See? I think that’s the point of cosplay. You know you’re being a geek, but you embrace it. You know that some people are judging you, but you remain confident despite this. And you are better for it, because, let’s be real, people are going to look at you like that in life sometimes whether you’re wearing a costume or not.

Travis, Toni & Pete at Star Wars premier


All in all, we had a blast acting like kids and we really enjoyed the eighth Star Wars movie and each other, and I learned that embracing embarrassment is sometimes the most fun. Have Star Wars fans in your family? Check out our Star Wars Holiday Gift Ideas post. Anyway, until next time, may the force be with you, my friend.


Travis & Pete Jedi lightsabers


P.S. If you’d like me to post the crazy complicated instructions on how to make this elaborate Star Wars Jedi costume, let me know in the comments below. As always, if you liked this article, please share it with your friends.

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