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Viking Runes Decoding Activity: Frozen Rune Rocks

Reveal the hidden messages in this Viking runes decoding activity that challenges kids to use logical thinking skills to decipher Disney Frozen jokes with hands-on rune rocks!

This Futhark runic alphabet Frozen coding activity is a great hands-on activity to decipher some secret messages!!

We are major Frozen fans, so we can’t help but incorporate Arendale and our Frozen friends into some Frozen STEAM activities.

A picture of a Frozen Rune Rock coding activity on blue background.

We love to dress up in family Halloween costumes every year and we’ve been characters from Frozen for two out of the last five years!

A picture of a frozen family costume photo 2019 halloween.
Halloween 2019

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There are many instances of Runes in both Frozen movies. In the first Frozen movie, Anna and Elsa are playing in the ballroom when Anna is struck in the head by Elsa’s powers. The King runs to the library and pulls out a book that is written in Runes.

A picture of runes in the movie Frozen from Disney.
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

What are Viking Runes?

Runes are an ancient alphabet that was used in by Norse and Germanic speaking people. 

A picture of DIY rune rocks frozen steam futhark rune rocks.

This Viking runes decoding activity focuses on the runic alphabet, Younger Futhark. Younger Futhark, was used in the Viking Age and is considered the alphabet of the Norseman.

Futhark gets its name from its first six sounds: f, u, th, a, r, k. There are 16 Younger Futhark runes. Each rune represents a phonetic sound as well as its own meaning.

A picture of a DIY rock frozen steam runic alphabet.
Frozen Castle STEAM Drawbridge Knights Magic Tree House Step 5

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Viking Runes – Younger Futhark 

DIY Rune Rocks Supplies

Frozen Viking Runes Coding Activity

To make your rune rocks, use the Frozen Futhark worksheet to draw one rune per rock.

A picture of a frozen steam runic alphabet coding activity.

Use your rune rocks to build the Futhark riddle answers. Then, decipher the answer to the Frozen jokes by matching the run to the correct letter or phonetic sound.

A picture of a Frozen coding activity runic alphabet STEAM worksheet.

What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking is a new way of problem solving that involves thinking about a problem in a way that can be solved by using computing tools like logic, decomposition, abstractions, algorithmspatterns, data collection and analysis, and simulation or modeling. 

Computational thinking can be used to solve problems in almost all areas of our lives and helps kids develop some pretty great life skills that can apply to a variety of situations.

math art frozen snowflake symmetry wax resist art

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Use Logical Reasoning to Decipher Frozen Jokes

Logical reasoning is the ability to analyze and make predictions about things or explaining why something is the way that it is. 

This rune rock Frozen coding activity is a great puzzle to use to emphasize the concept of logical reasoning. Use logical reasoning to decipher the runes and solve the Frozen riddles!

A picture of a frozen coding activity for kids decipher jokes futhark worksheet.

If you are stumped or just want to check your work, the answer key is included below!

A picture of a frozen jokes coding activity answer key.


A picture of DIY rune rocks with worksheets on ground.

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