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Repurpose Crayons: Make Sun Catchers from Crayon Shavings

Repurpose crayons into beautiful sun catchers from crayon shavings! Use crayon shavings to make Easter Egg sun catchers with this repurposed crayon activity perfect for Easter and Earth Day!

Looking for the perfect rainy day activity! Check out how to recycle those broken crayons into sun catchers using supplies you prob have on hand!

Recycle Your Old Crayons into Easter Egg Suncatchers #crayons #DIY #craft #kidsactivities #spring #springfun #Easter

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Repurpose Crayons into Sun Catchers

If you are anything like me, you have a giant box of broken crayons in your craft supplies.

I usually just start tossing the crayon halves when the girls decide to leave them on the floor. It’s my new rule. If you leave, I throw it out.

Seriously, I have 5 kids. I don’t know what else to do to make them value their things anymore. If they truly care about it, then they’ll clean it up. Fortunately, my kids care about everything. Every. single. little. thing.

We found some time to craft. Yay! We decided to repurpose crayons to make some sun catchers.

The girls wanted to put an Easter spin on things, so we ended up turning them into Easter eggs just for kicks.

You can make sun catchers too. It’s super easy. Check out the directions for this super easy project below!

Repurposed Crayons Sun Catcher Supplies

How to Make Sun Catchers from Crayon Shavings

Round up some crayons. We love to repurpose crayons because we always seem to have a bucket full of broken pieces.

To begin, I let the girls pick their color stories with shades of colors for each egg.

A picture of a kid sharpening crayons with a teal crayon sharpener.

They decided to go with Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Purple. Use the pencil sharpener to shave the crayons into a pile.

A picture of kids using a crayon sharpener to make crayon shavings.

We used paper plates to limit the mess.

A picture of pin crayon shavings on a paper plate.

Please note: this is the longest part of the whole project. It’s hard for a 5-year old to do, but they can do it. I just did some deep breathing patience practices while I waited and then we talked about prisms. 

Recycle Your Old Crayons into Easter Egg Suncatchers #crayons #DIY #craft #kidsactivities #spring #springfun #Easter

After you have shaved a substantial amount for each crayon, you’ll want to heat up your iron.

While your iron is heating up, place the piles of crayon shavings onto your wax paper.

Recycle Your Old Crayons into Easter Egg Suncatchers #crayons #DIY #craft #kidsactivities #spring #springfun #Easter

You can also just shave the crayons onto the wax paper, to begin with, but I wanted to avoid a potential mess with my 5-year old and 1-year old!

A picture of purple and yellow crayon shavings on wax paper.

The rascally 1-year old and tiny 2-month old needed constant entertaining.

A picture of a one year old building with gears.
STEM Girl!

Place another sheet of wax paper over the crayon shavings. Use your iron to melt the crayon between the sheets of wax paper.

A picture of a kid ironing crayon shavings between pieces of wax paper to make a sun catcher.

It doesn’t take a long time. We placed the iron on for 10-20 seconds and then redid some spots that looked like they needed to melt more.

A picture of a kid ironing pink and purple crayon shavings to make a sun catcher.


A picture of melted crayon shavings between wax paper.

Draw your design with a pencil and cut it out. We drew some ovals for eggs and then cut them.

A picture of an oval drawn on a sheet of wax paper over melted crayon shavings.

The crayon should be melted completely. If it flakes out while your cutting, place the iron on it for a few more seconds.

A picture of cut out egg shaped melted crayon shaving sun catchers

Remember to cover up any exposed crayon so it doesn’t get on your iron.

Cut out your designs and decorate. You can hole punch the top and add a string if you want to. We chose to add some double-sided tape and hang it on the window.

A picture of an egg shaped melted crayon sun catcher being decorated with stickers.

This project took an hour for us to do even with the extra two kiddos to watch. I’m super impressed that I was able to do craft time with all four kids!!

A picture of a purple and blue egg crayon shaving sun catchers with sticker decorations.
A picture of a window filled with egg shaped sun catchers made from crayon shavings.
A picture of a mouse sun catcher made from melted crayon shavings.
A yellow and pink egg shaped melted crayon shaving sun catcher hanging on a window.

Throughout the project, we took time to talk about prisms. We learned about how light bends when it goes through a prism and that each color has its own wavelength that bends at its own angle. The girls thought this was super cool!

A picture of kids looking through a prism.
A picture of crayons with purple overlay and blog title text "Recycle your crayons into suncatchers" written in white font.

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This Mum At Home

Monday 9th of April 2018

OMG I remember doing this as a kid what great memories :)


Sunday 1st of April 2018

What a great project! We all have broken crayons. Looks simple and I love the idea that the kids can create any shape they want.


Friday 30th of March 2018

this is such a fun craft! definitely trying this!

tachira wiltshire

Friday 30th of March 2018

Anything that involves recycling I am there . This is such a fabulously unique idea . I think it is a wonderful way for both parents and kids to occupy their minds while creating something interesting and fun .


Friday 30th of March 2018

This is great! I have a huge pile of old crayons that need a project-- and also 4 daughters who need a project!


Friday 30th of March 2018

They will love it!! You can even make some fun Spring butterflies and flowers too!

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