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Quick Winter Craft Roundup

quick winter craft roundup

It’s time for a quick Winter Craft Roundup! Check out the awesome crafts we found on Pinterest and some of our fav sites below!!


I’m currently in the hospital because of severe complications in my pregnancy. I’ll be here until I deliver Liam, which could be up to another 3 weeks! It has been difficult to adjust and I’m missing my girls like crazy while I am away. In order to get some quality time in with them this winter break before their baby brother arrives, I’ve pulled together some winter craft activities for us to do that I can do with them while they visit me. 


Snowflake Window Clings from One Little Project


Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art from I Heart Crafty Things



Tin Foil Heart Valentine’s Day Craft from I Heart Crafty Things



Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflakes from Arty Crafty Kids



Troll Painted Rocks from The Keeper of the Cheerios



Hopefully, these quick projects will keep us entertained for a few days! They sure look like tons of fun! I am looking forward to making Troll Painted Rocks as well as some inspirational rocks that we can put around town once I get out of the hospital! It’s a great random act of kindness that the girls will love! 

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