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How to Make Superhero String Art in 5 Easy Steps

This DIY superhero string art collection would be totally adorable for a kid’s bedroom and you can absolutely make it too in 5 easy steps!

You only need a few supplies to make Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman, and Batman Superhero String Art!

DIY Superhero Wall Art

I use to be a manager for a big time retailer and I ran a team of eight other leaders who had a hundred or so people who reported to them. I called them “Team Awesome”.

Why? Well, they had to be pretty awesome to handle the craziness of our daily working environment. To surprise them, I made them these really awesome superhero string art projects to display on their desks.

A picture of superhero string art finished pieces.
DIY Superhero Wall Art

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DIY Superhero String Art Supplies

Making DIY superhero wall art for a playroom or kid’s bedroom is super easy! You’ll need to gather up the supplies below. 

To make the project even easier, I recommend using a hammer with a magnetic nail starter.

Finally, you are going to need to find the superhero logos for each superhero wall art you’d like to make. All I did was search for terms like:

  • Captain America shield coloring page
  • Hulk hand coloring page
  • Wonder Woman logo coloring page
  • Batman logo coloring
  • Avengers logos coloring
  • Thor circle hammer logo

You’ll be able to find all of the images I used and other superhero images as well! You can make a ton more superhero wall art plaques if you want!

A picture of Wonder Woman superhero string art.
DIY Wonder Woman Superhero String Art

If you prefer to stain your wooden plaques before completing this project, I suggest sanding them, staining them, and letting them sit overnight before beginning the steps below.

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How to DIY Superhero String Art

Use Google to Find a Coloring Image

Right-click on the image and save it to your desktop. Use your image preview software to adjust the dimensions that are smaller than the dimensions of your wood plaque.

For example, I used 5×7 wood plaques, so I adjusted all of my superhero wall art images to 4×6 or 4×4 in order to make sure that I had enough of a margin on all sides of the string art. Print your superhero image. 

Use double-sided tape to hold your image in place

Use double-sided tape to position your superhero image onto the wood plaque.

Begin to hammer your nails along the lines of your image. Use your pinky finger as a guide to determine the amount of space between nails.

After you have finished nailing your image outline, remove the paper. 

I chose to leave the paper for some of the designs because I wanted to make sure I followed the correct lines for the image (ex. the Hulk’s hand was too hard for me to figure out without the image left underneath it because of all of the lines in his clenched fist).

A picture of Hulk superhero string art.
DIY Hulk Wall Art Superhero String Art

Start with the colors on the innermost parts of the image.

Chose a nail to tie your embroidery thread to and begin winding your thread around nails. Work to fill the space and try to not follow the same pattern between nails in order to cover the wood.

A picture of Thor superhero string art.
DIY Thor Wall Art Superhero String Art

You can determine how much thread you’d like to use here. For example, I used less thread on the Thor wall art and more thread on the Spiderman wall art. It’s totally your preference.

A picture of Spiderman DIY string art.
DIY Spiderman Wall Art Superhero String Art

Continue working your way to the outer edges of the superhero wall art design.

Before tying off my thread, I used my thread to darken the boarder by just stringing my thread along and through the outer nails.

A picture of Iron Man superhero string art.
DIY Iron Man Wall Art Superhero Wall Art

That’s it! I really enjoyed making my team some superhero wall art and will most likely be making them again once my son has a room of his own.

A picture of Captain America DIY superhero string art.
DIY Captain America Wall Art Superhero Wall Art
A picture of Batman superhero wall art.
DIY Batman Wall Art Superhero String Art


A picture of superhero string wall art.

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Julie S.

Sunday 26th of August 2018

These are awesome diy art! Love the idea!

Harassedmom (@laurakim123)

Sunday 26th of August 2018

We are huge super hero fans here. It is possible that I am the biggest superhero fan :-p I am pinning this because we are busy with big home DIY/renovations so this might work in the new kids area :)


Saturday 25th of August 2018

These are so cute! My kids love super heroes, and I love that they can create their own room decorations!

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