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Squeegee Art Butterfly Process Art Activity

This butterfly squeegee painting art activity is exactly the type of Spring process art activity that you are looking for!

Squeegee painting is the perfect way to make a Spring craft with a neat sensory experience! It’s super easy to do! I managed to do this activity with all four kiddos in the same room and we didn’t get a drop of paint on the floor! Mom crafting with kids win!

This activity is great for elementary kiddos and up to work on independently. However, it is especially cool for preschoolers because of the “wow” factor and the process of making the art!

I helped my Kindergartner pull the squeegee across the sheet during her first attempt, but she caught on quickly and was able to do the project by herself.

A picture of squeegee art butterflies on white background.

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What is Process Art?

Process Art is art that is focused more on the making of the art rather than the end product even though the end product can sometimes be pretty neat too! Process art is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers and you can use so many different objects to explore different shapes and textures.

Squeegee Art Supplies

A picture of a purple butterfly squeegee art on a lavender background.

How to Make Squeegee Art Butterflies

Cut out Butterfly Shapes

Cut out the shape of your choosing on construction paper or card stock for a sturdier piece of art to hang up. We decided to make some butterflies just in time for some spring weather here in Wisconsin.

A picture of a blank butterfly shape cut out of construction paper.

Don’t forget to use something to cover your surface. We use plastic table mats and just clean them off each time.

Next, drip some paint on your paper. A few drops of each color will work. We tried to mix it up and even talked a bit about color wheels and how to find colors that look nice together.

A picture of paint dripped in dots on a blank butterfly cut out of construction paper.

Create Squeegee Art

Use a squeegee to spread the paint across the paper by pulling down the paper. This part was a little difficult for my kiddos to grasp at first.

A picture of two kids making squeegee art butterflies.
A picture of a squeegee held over a butterfly made of construction paper with paint on it.

After a few tries, they were able to squeegee across very well. They struggled with the dragging it across the paper instead of pushing it upward at first. We ended up making quite a few because the activity is relatively fast from start to finish.

A picture of squeegee art butterflies hanging in the window.

We hung our butterflies up to dry in the window by using string and clothespins. We made a ton of them because it was so much fun!! You can even turn this into a fun Easter craft and make some squeegee Easter eggs! 

A picture of How to Make Squeegee Art Butterflies on a white background.

Process Art Activities

Check out these great process art activities for kids for some more hands-on fun!


A picture of a pink squeegee art butterfly on a blue background.

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This post was originally published on April 9, 2018.

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