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Flying Elf Static Electricity Balloon Challenge

This flying elf static electricity balloon STEAM challenge is super easy to set up and a great elf engineer activity for your Elf on the Shelf to bring!

This Christmas STEAM activity is so much fun and you can make all sorts of different shapes to test!

In the past, we’ve made zombies walk with static electricity, so my older girls and I decided to make one of our favorite activities into one for our Elf on the Shelf to set up for our younger Santa believers at our house!

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Flying Elf Static Electricity Materials

elf on the shelf elf engineer static electricity challenge

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Static Electricity Flying Elf STEAM Challenge

Cut out your elf template and use the template to trace the elf on tissue paper. I used a light board just to add some extra light to make sure I traced every part of the elf.

trace elf picture

Then, I used a permanent marker over the pencil to make my elf really stand out!!

outline elf on the shelf

Blow up your balloon and then rub your balloon on your head against your hair.

Make sure your elf is lying flat on the table. Then, gently lower your balloon above the elf.

Hold on to your elf hats!


The static electricity will raise your elf up away from the board toward the balloon. Make sure to hold your balloon at a distance.

flying elf gif

If your balloon is too close, it might stick. Just peel your elf off your balloon and try again. You will probably need to rub your head several times throughout the activity.

Pro Tip: We’ve done this activity a few more times. The best tip is to use tape to secure the end of the tissue paper to your surface. This will prevent your elf from sticking to the balloon too much!

The Science Behind Your Flying Elf

Static electricity is caused by an imbalance of positive and negative charges. When you rub the balloon against your hair, you create a negative charge that builds on the balloon.

The tissue paper responds to the negative charge as the balloon gets closer, which causes the tissue paper to rise.

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elf on the shelf static electricity challenge

Christmas STEAM

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