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Free Earth Day Vocabulary Worksheets

These Earth Day vocabulary worksheets for kids are a great way to incorporate logical thinking with language arts! Learn Earth Day vocabulary words with some word search puzzles, a logic word puzzle, and Earth Day cryptograms for kids!

Computational Thinking Concepts

Computational thinking is a way of problem-solving that involves thinking about a problem in a way that can be solved by using computing tools like logic, decomposition, abstractions, algorithmspatterns, data collection and analysis, and simulation or modeling.

A picture with four Earth Day vocabulary worksheets displayed on a watercolor blue and green background.

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What is Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Earth Day is a celebration held annually in the Spring that raises awareness of the environmental movement and the need to protect natural resources for future generations.

Earth Day Vocabulary Words


Biodegradable is the ability of a substance that allows it to be disintegrated by microorganisms into natural elements.


Composting is an aerobic method of decomposing organic solid wastes that becomes a material that works as a good fertilizer for plants.


To conserve is to protect something from loss or destruction. Conservation means to use natural resources in a way that minimizes loss or waste.


To decompose is to break down into component parts or basic elements or to rot. Decomposition is an organic process necessary for the continuation of life since it makes essential nutrients available for use by plants and animals.


To be disposable means that an item that is made for one-time use like a disposable paper cup.


A dump is an open, unsanitary disposal site that was used before sanitary landfills that are licensed and controlled.


A landfill is a site for the controlled burial of solid waste.


Litter is waste materials (like trash and garbage) discarded in an inappropriate place.

A picture of an Earth Day vocabulary sheet.


An inorganic object is an object that is composed of matter other than plant or animal organisms.


Hydrocarbons are an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen that is often found in plastics, petroleum, natural gas, and coal.


Groundwater is water beneath the Earth’s surface that fills the spaces and flows between soil particles and rock.


Garbage is spoiled or waste food that is thrown away, defined as wet food waste and excludes dry material (trash).


To reduce is to lessen the amount or number of items used.


To reuse is to extend the life of a disposable item by using it again in some way, repairing it, modifying it, or creating new uses for it.


Recycling is the collection and reprocessing of manufactured materials for remanufacture either in the same form or as a different product.


Trash is dry material that excludes food waste (garbage) that is considered worthless and thrown away

Earth Day Logic Word Puzzle

This Earth Day logic puzzle is a unique way to teach Earth Day vocabulary to kids! Logic puzzles are a great activity to strengthen logical reasoning skills, boolean, and comparison skills while working with a series of selection statements.

Logic puzzles develop logical reasoning skills

Logical reasoning is the ability to analyze and make predictions about things or explaining why something is the way that it is.

Logic puzzles are a great way to use to emphasize the concept of logical reasoning by explaining why a word cannot fit in a certain space.

Due to the number of letters in each word, kids can speak to why each word goes in each space, which helps them to solve the puzzle.

A picture of an Earth Day logic word puzzle.

How to solve the Earth Day Logic Word Puzzle

The best way to begin is to use look for a word length that only has one word. Why? Well, if there is only one word of any length left than it’s the only possible answer for the space.

Once you know some letters in the grid, then you can count how many letters long each space is (how many blocks) and compare it to the words remaining using the letters filled in from the previous word. 

Go slowly and think through your puzzle. Use a pencil! Some of the clues will not be helpful right away. Keep working through the list of words and go back.

You’ll find an answer key on the second page of the download as well as below!

A picture of an Earth Day logic word puzzle with answers.

Earth Day Logic Word Puzzle

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For a hands-on twist, use Bananagrams or Scrabble to build your words with letter tiles!

We like to use dry erase pocket sleeves for all of our worksheets so that we can reuse them for all of these kiddos I have running around this house.

If you like this Earth Day logic word puzzle, then you should visit our logic word puzzle hub to find more great logical thinking puzzles!

Earth Day Word Searches

Word searches are a great way to work on vocabulary skills as well as spelling! These two Earth Day word searches feature key Earth Day vocabulary for kids!

There are so many benefits to word search puzzles! They help children understand word structure and spelling. Word searches also help children strengthen working memory and emphasize computational thinking skills like persevering to finish complex problems and encouraging problem-solving.

We designed two different word searches for different learning levels. The first word search uses great Earth Day vocabulary for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

A picture of an Earth Day easy word search puzzle.

The second Earth Day word search uses great Earth Day vocabulary for 4th grade through 8th grade.

A picture of an Earth Day word search puzzle.

Decipher Earth Day Vocabulary Cryptograms

Break the cryptogram code using pattern recognition and letter substitution to decipher the Earth Day vocabulary words!

How to Decipher Earth Day Vocabulary

Solving cryptograms is another fantastic way to strengthen logical reasoning skills! Each letter of the words below has been replaced by another letter of the alphabet.

To solve the Earth Day vocabulary, you’ll have to rely on your knowledge of letter frequency and common letter combinations. Our favorite letter combinations are prefixes and suffixes like “ing”, “tion”, or “re”.

A picture of an Earth Day cryptogram word puzzle.

If you get stuck, you can use the Earth Day vocabulary work sheet for help!

A picture of an Earth Day cryptogram word puzzle with answers.
A picture of four Earth Day vocabulary worksheet images on a blue and green watercolor background.

Earth Day Activities

Find more fun and educational Earth Day activities!

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