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Christmas Party Board Game Favorites


We love Board Games! We always play games when we get together with family and this is a great way to entertain 12 adults and 14 kids!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links that do give us a commission if you chose to purchase any of the games that we recommend below. You can click on the picture of the games to be directed to Amazon where you can purchase the game for yourself if you’d like to! We have played, reviewed and absolutely recommend all of the games we’ve included below. Please see our Disclosure Policy for more details about our affiliate links. 


Games We Love!



Catan is one of our most favorite games! In Catan, players build settlements, cities, and roads by collecting resources (like wood, grain, brick, sheep, or stone) from the island. As civilizations are built, players earn victory points. The player who gets to 10 victory points first wins the game. 





Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is probably my #1 favorite game. I love every expansion and version of this game as well. My favorite expansion is the 1910 expansion and I’m also a huge fan of Ticket to Ride Europe. The object of this game is to connect the cities listed on your chosen tickets with trains and rack up the most points by the end of the game! I also have this game on my computer and the iPad!

This is a MUST BUY game in our opinion!!



We’ve been playing this game for a number of years now. The object of the game is to prevent the spread of 4 different infections across the world. Pandemic is a cooperative game and you work with other players, who each have their own special ability, to develop cures and then deliver them to infected countries worldwide. This is a super challenging game, but it is super rewarding when you manage to save the world!!






7 Wonders

We’ve been playing 7 Wonders for a long time now. It’s a great game to play with 1st time strategy board game players including younger kiddos. To play the game, every player begins by working to add to their cards to help buy things later in the game to ultimately add points to win the game! This game also can be played in 20 minutes, which is super handy for short-term game play or when someone has to run off to feed and check a baby every 20 minutes!!



King of Tokyo

I bought this game 2 years ago and we’ve only played it one time. Travis really liked the game and played with our nieces in nephews (most of whom were between the ages of 7-9 at the time). Basically, each person has a “King” that is trying to take over Tokyo. The players roll dice to get points, revive hearts that are lost, attack other “kings”, or get energy cubes to exchange for cards. The object of the game is to be the first to get 20 points or to be the last “King” standing essentially becoming “The King of Tokyo”.







Risk is a long game to play, but it’s super fun once you get into battle mode! This classic game is a hit for everyone although it might bring out the worst in some!!








I am the queen of Monopoly and my family hates it! To be honest, I’m super obnoxious, but I can’t help it. I go, full force, even if I’m playing against Peyton 🙂







Forbidden Island

We actually owned this game for 2 years before we even learned to play it and we totally regret not breaking into it sooner! Forbidden Island is a cooperative game and you work with 2-4 players to prevent your island from sinking with lots of different obstacles popping up along the way! 








In Carcassonne, you start out by picking a tile at a time and then you add to your village. We’ve only played this a couple of times now, but I like being able to sneak in and try to steal points from other players.






Rush Hour

A new favorite for us! The kiddos played this with Travis the other night and they all had a blast with our nephews!







Games We Want to Play!


I keep looking at Santorini when I’m game hunting online for presents. I’ve been back and forth and need to just add this to the game closet and try it out since it’s caught my attention for a while now.







Dominion has a 1st edition game as well as 4 more expansions for the base game. Dominion is a card game in which everyone begins with money and victory points. Players use their money to build up their deck of cards. To win, the player who has the most victory cards at the end of the game is the winner!







Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the #1 Best Seller in card games on Amazon! This game is #1 on our “games to play” list!








Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle – A Cooperative Deck Building Game

Harry Potter game. Do I need to add anything else here? We are super Harry fans, so this is a must play game for us!! Check out our Gift Guide for Harry Potter fans here too!





What games do you play the most!!? We are always on the hunt for new board games! Give us your recommendations in the comments area below!

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