Blog Goals January 2018: Our Second Month Blogging - Our Family Code

Blog Goals January 2018: Our Second Month Blogging

Our Family Code Blog Goals January 2018


Check out our blog goals for January 2018, our second-month blogging. We are excited about the momentum we saw in December 2017 and we are ready to tackle this new year.


Why We Decided to Start Blogging:

Our ultimate reason for starting this blog is because I miss my kids because I miss so much of their lives working outside of the home every day and I desperately want to be a part of it all again. It’s unfair to Travis that I’ve been away from our house for over 70% of the last 4 years working a job that is literally hurting me physically and mentally. The goal is for us to be able to provide for our family off of this blog one day, which means replacing as much as we can of almost $90,000 in income and benefits that I bring in annually. The realistic goal is to be able to bring home ¾ of that income within the year (*fingers crossed*). 


In order to keep our monthly goals consistent, we are going to start following a similar breakdown each month for measurement. We will be looking at:

  • Income & Traffic Goals
  • Social Media Following Goals
  • Social Media Overall Goals (organizational, planning, different social media channels we will focus on, the impact we want to see, etc)
  • Blog Overall Goals (organizational, planning, things we are going to go after like sponsored posts, affiliates, ebooks, etc)
  • SEO Goals
  • Previous Monthly Goals
  • Previous Monthly Income & Traffic Reports


January 2018 Income & Traffic Goal

Income: $500

Sponsored Posts = 2-3

Affiliates: >$5

Adsense: >$75


Page Views: 10,000

Sessions: 2,500

Users: 2,000

Pages/Session: 4

Subscribers: 50


Social Media Platform Current Followers January Goal
Twitter 239 359 (+50%)
Facebook 50 75 (+50%)
Pinterest 520 650 (+25%)
Instagram 415 519 (+25%)


Social Media Goals:

  • Finish Social Media Game Plan
  • Stick to the Game Plan
  • Getting more personality out there on different channels (i.e. Travis and his awesomeness)
  • Expand all social media followers by 25-50%
  • Tailwind Pinterest: >600,000 impressions (currently about 500,000)
  • Pinterest: >100,000 monthly viewers (currently about 75,000 for December)
  • Pinterest: >80,000 average monthly viewers (currently 28,284 avg. monthly viewers)
    • During the last week of December, we had 69,067 avg. monthly viewers!
    • On 12/31, we had 84,448 avg. monthly viewers!
  • Instagram – use Tailwind to drive Instagram
  • Primary focus:
    • Growing all channels
    • Focus on growing content and engagement on Twitter and Facebook
    • Strategic traffic driving through Instagram, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Blog Goals January Overall:

  • Stick to the editorial calendar as much as possible (75% of the time) and get ahead of the game with some scheduled posts set to publish for the week after Liam arrives.
  • Continue to configure Google Adsense to work better for us
  • Get 2-3 sponsored posts this month!
  • Start our eBook! Peyton and I are super excited about this!
  • 1 Printable per week
  • See a return on ShareASale and Amazon Affiliates or change the plan for those channels
  • Build “How-to” Blog Squad mailing list
  • Build subscribers – generate schedule for newsletters
  • Drive engagement through social media!



SEO Goals:

  • Rank <20 for “Our Family Code” on Google (currently #31)
  • Total Clicks >20 (current 11)
  • Total Impressions >250 (current 190)
  • Avg. CTR >8% (currently 5.79%)
  • Avg. position for all search terms <40 (currently 46.5)


Best Category (#2 position) = Parenting – Family Goals


Best Performing Pages:

New Year’s Eve Printable = 13.64% CTR (#13 position)

Christmas Light Bingo Printable = 15.38% CTR (#33 position)

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable = 12.5% CTR (#26 position)


Previous Monthly Goals:

December 2017


Previous Monthly Income & Traffic Reports:

First Week Blogging Results

December 2017 – Coming Soon!

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